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Tuesday, January 4, 2022

Snow Trip Jan 4

Stormy day to go to town but I had not had my mail in over two weeks. Getting low on cat food too. I can survive on freezer beef and home grown potatoes for months but those cats won't live on the few mice that might wander into the barn. 
The weather had been so below normal that I kept putting off the trip waiting for a better day. It never came so I took a chance on today. Visibility was poor in blowing snow and the ground was the same colour as the sky. 

So now I am well stocked up on groceries and cat food for however long it is before the weather improves. 


  1. I was supposed to be cleaning parking lots but it is in the low 40's and raining. I know it seems warm compared to you but I would rather be warmer.

  2. 40s and raining is not life threatening but still no picnic to work in.
    -30F late this afternoon on the open Massey was invigorating to say the least. One day closer to spring. One day at a time....