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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (Not)

I'm talking about that annoying stupid "back to school" ad in which the parents are so glad their kids are going back to school. Hard to believe but those back to school ads still bother me even after all these years away from it. To me it meant the end of summer and freedom. Back to resume the twelve year sentence, five days a week. I survived it.
In other news "climate change" continues to slow down crop development and harvest thanks to too cold temperatures and rain now that we don't need it anymore. August daytime highs in the 60s?!?
I better stop complaining. Next week it could be in the 90s knowing this country.
Glad I got some grain hauled out and summerfallow worked a week or so ago when the weather was closer to normal. Some video of it here. And remember, watching on a screen tends to flatten out the terrain making Saskatchewan look flat as a pancake. Maybe some parts but not here.

Thursday, August 22, 2019

New technology vs old technology

I am still typing this on my two old damaged keyboards of the ten year old laptop. The new one I got last week works very well, when it decides it wants to. Sometimes it refuses to recognize the wireless internet stick and becomes useless so its back to the old ones. I guess it will get sorted out eventually, or go back to the store. At least I can still blame any spelling errors on the keyboards with the missing letters.
My old tech machinery worked well today swathing a field of canola with the 30+ year old swather. Later, when I decided to haul a load of bales with the 55 year old tractor, it fired up on the first of the starter after "hibernating" since mid May. No frustrating computer controlled functions on these old timers and sometimes I'm glad there isn't.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Dysart Museum 2019

Well I made it to the 2019 car show with one car anyway. 4 tenths of rain the night before meant 12 miles of muddy gravel road to get there so I gave up the idea initially, But the sun came out by noon and began drying enough that I decided to risk taking the Chevy II, Not that either car would be a problem to drive but I know the massive task it is to clean mud off the rusting undersides and frames of these cars. I've done it once and don't want to do it again. There were only about half the number of cars that normally show up so I was glad I was able to increase their numbers by one.

As usual I shot a huge amount of video while walking around viewing the vehicles and talking to some of the owners. Interesting to meet one of my youtube channel followers there as well as an ag talk forum member. Also as usual, a lot of the video was sideways or looking at the ground but I managed to put together a few minutes of good clips.

Sunday, August 11, 2019

Where the Buffalo Roam

Watching the bison follow along the fence line while I was cutting some of the new growth poplars. They don't seem to mind the noise of the mower and tractor.

Monday, August 5, 2019

Nice day for a drive

Not mine but so familiar hearing that Mercury flathead and Mercomatic travelling the winding road.

Saturday, August 3, 2019

Heat, And AC

Its been a hot week. We actually hit 90 degrees yesterday so I was pretty relieved to get the new fan finally connected and in working condition in the Magnum tractor. It took a real mechanic to get the wiring figured out. Plus 4 extra hands to get the cab roof back in place. A&I really could have been a little more clear in their instructions how to hook up the wiring the right way so it doesn't melt down the resistor.
Seems like I've been trying to cut hay all week but really only got started yesterday. Weather, breakdowns, etc. all conspired to drag this job out a little longer. Hopefully the grass will have grown a little longer too. Some patches are just not worth cutting.
Looks like it might be time to empty the bins of last year's grain to make room for the new crop. Poor timing and I gambled and lost on the price of canola going up. It is now down to 1990s levels. That does not go well with 2019 crop input expenses. Last year $11 per bushel. This year, $9 if we are lucky. Government assistance =$0.