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Thursday, August 22, 2019

New technology vs old technology

I am still typing this on my two old damaged keyboards of the ten year old laptop. The new one I got last week works very well, when it decides it wants to. Sometimes it refuses to recognize the wireless internet stick and becomes useless so its back to the old ones. I guess it will get sorted out eventually, or go back to the store. At least I can still blame any spelling errors on the keyboards with the missing letters.
My old tech machinery worked well today swathing a field of canola with the 30+ year old swather. Later, when I decided to haul a load of bales with the 55 year old tractor, it fired up on the first of the starter after "hibernating" since mid May. No frustrating computer controlled functions on these old timers and sometimes I'm glad there isn't.


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    1. Especially the Massey as it only requires air and diesel fuel to run.