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Friday, January 6, 2023

Outstanding Scenery

Just had to shoot some video today showing the amazing "hoar frost" scenery we have been seeing most of the week. Its been a rare break from the miserable winds that we get way too much of in a normal winter. Fairly mild too for us. I needed to get to town for mail and groceries anyway as it must be a couple of weeks since I was in town. Still working on getting over the last of this cold I've had since the beginning of December. Its definitely one of the longest lasting I can ever remember and I have gone years without having a serious cold. The sunshine and blue sky today definitely adds to the photos and videos. Kind of the Paul Simon "kodachrome effect" in which we are made to think all the world is a sunny day. Ok, I was trying to post the scenic video here but either my Sasktel internet is way too slow to handle it or else blogger is getting stubborn. I'll just try to post the link. https://youtu.be/IDXVZ_8y5V0 And maybe a picture?