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Friday, January 6, 2023

Outstanding Scenery

Just had to shoot some video today showing the amazing "hoar frost" scenery we have been seeing most of the week. Its been a rare break from the miserable winds that we get way too much of in a normal winter. Fairly mild too for us. I needed to get to town for mail and groceries anyway as it must be a couple of weeks since I was in town. Still working on getting over the last of this cold I've had since the beginning of December. Its definitely one of the longest lasting I can ever remember and I have gone years without having a serious cold. The sunshine and blue sky today definitely adds to the photos and videos. Kind of the Paul Simon "kodachrome effect" in which we are made to think all the world is a sunny day. Ok, I was trying to post the scenic video here but either my Sasktel internet is way too slow to handle it or else blogger is getting stubborn. I'll just try to post the link. https://youtu.be/IDXVZ_8y5V0 And maybe a picture?

Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Still Alive

Yes, I'm still alive but have not posted anything since July. Blogger can be difficult sometimes but seems to work tonight. Wow, is it winter, and early. Going below zero (F) tonight and enough snow drifts around to make it heavy walking around the yard. I've shovelled the bare minimum needed to get around and open doors. Everything is starving it seems. Cattle eat up the hay in the feeder real fst and complain for more. Two missing cats returned home to make a total of 7. I have doubled the cat food rations along with some baked potatoes. They clean it up nd will come to the house and sit outside the door accusingly as it they are starving. Ground up a load of oats for cattle feed yesterday. Although it ran over into two days as I got an unexpected late start. The tractor ran out of gas just after sundown and I was not about to try and finish in the dark. The cold Northwest wind was none too encouraging plus I had a bit of a headache and sore shoulder after slipping in the grain hopper tank and landing hard. Finished the job up this morning after feeding hay. The old tractor sat out all night on the belt and was none too eager to start necessitating a trip dragging the big batter booster and cords across the yard to finally get started. The starter drive is getting so bad on this old Cockshutt that I might have to resort to crank starting soon. Then spent a lot of time perusing parts books online and then on the phone ordering what I hope will be the necessary parts to get two tractors back on the job. Yes, currently both my snow clearing tractors are out of commision and I'm beginning to need them. It will take about $1400 worth of steel washers to get the big blade tractor (2090)'s clutch working properly again. The little John Deere 2140 that will run the snowblower currently sits in the workshop waiting for me to finish the fuel injector replacement that I began over a week ago. Complications of course. I somehow lost a critically important part (fuel line nut) in the course of removal and have spent hours with a trouble light and down on the floor searching for it. I finally gave up and ordered a new one today. Sure enough, a few hours later I did find the lost part. Now if I can just get the fuel lines threaded onto the new injectors without cross threading and ruining them I might just get it back to gether and running. l Earlier this week I hauled home the last of this summer's hay bales that had been left out in the hundred acre woods. Being cold and miserable weather I opted to use the comfortable and warm 2 wheel drive 41 year old pickup truck. It took some time and effort to load compared to a front end loader but was much more comfortable on the 5 mile drive home. I guess theres more but I'm not writing a book here. Naturally there is some video to go along with everything I do.

Sunday, July 10, 2022

Roads And Fences

Interesting article from my area about big farmers wanting to farm the roads as well as all the land. For unknown reasons the link did not work so try again. https://saskdispatch.com/articles/view/a-road-allowance-and-the-farming-gold-rush?fbclid=IwAR1ihaiYznxqB8SGD7Q8BPiVmlnVw8JQ7cJ11EYqIZ5741r8Q0mrPYK6Hk0 Good growing conditions for crops and gardens here this year. Much better than last year when it was so dry.

Monday, June 13, 2022

Seeding Done and Video Update

I finished up crops seeding just over a week ago. Just a little later than normal but whats in the ground is off to a good start with plenty of moisture. Chem fallow spraying done as much as possible but due to a shortage of glyphosate of any kind I had to leave a couple of fields for tillage weed control. I'll try not to complain too much about the outrageous high price of diesel fuel and cultivator shovels because I haven't got the bill for the glyphosate yet either. No matter what we want this year it is going to cost way more than it did last year. On the slim chance that many people will actually be interested enough to watch it I have uploaded a video update today to youtube. Garden is doing great. Early potatoes are well up out of the ground and should be eating new ones by mid July. Hope so as the old ones in the bin are pretty rubbery.

Friday, May 20, 2022

May 20 Snow

Too cold and miserable to do much outside so I put out a new video of today. Cold enough I need to cover up the few potatoes that are out of the ground already. Ove six inches of rain so far in May which is good but it would be better if we had a chance to get the crop planted. Getting late already.

Friday, May 13, 2022

Drought Might Be Over

As much as we needed rain here it is a bit poor timing. Just when we should be in the field planting crops we are now rained out with over 3 inches over the past week. I managed to get out in somewhat muddy conditions and finish applying anhydrous and glad I did it yesterday. Some of the big acreage guys are well into it with many acres seeded but I'm guessing many like me have not started. I know one of these days I will find out what each of those big tanks of anhydrous cost me but right now I don't want to think about it. Or the many gallos of diesel fuel even a small farmer like me has to burn to get the job done. High grain prices help but I wonder if they also help push up the cost of our inputs? Or can we blame it all on Putin's war?

Thursday, April 21, 2022

Easter Calf

Not the Easter rabbit. This little heifer was born late afternoon of Easter Sunday. I'd been watching this heifer for the past few weeks thinking she could not be far from calving. She is the one I raised as a pail fed calf a couple of years ago so very quiet. That evening at feeing time she was missing from the herd. A short walk up on "separator hill" and I was able to spot her out on the "big flat" about a quarter of a mile away. Still a few snowbanks but most of the fields are bare, but muddy. Hated to make ruts with the tractor but that was about the only option to get out there to check. Sure enough the calf was born just fine but laying on the wet slough ground getting cold. I considered leaving them out overnight but hearing the coyotes howling nearby earlier changed my mind. I already lost one to coyotes back in January. It wasn't a real heavy calf that I carried out of the flat and set down in the front end loader bucket on a good layer of straw. I headed slowly for home in reverse hoping the heifer would have the sense to keep right up following her calf. I was in reverse and it was a slow trip home. Not quite dark when I got back with it to the cattle shelter. About half way through the journey the heifer realized what was happening and began heading home too. She pretty much caught up to me at the shelter as I was unloading the calf into the corraled off area of the shelter. I was able to entice her to follow me in there with a few handfuls of hay. Locked in for the night with some hay and water I hoped by morning the calf would have figured out where it's nourishment was and get busy. It did look hopeful by morning and by later the next day there was no doubt this calf and heifer (now cow) knew what to do. So nice when everything works the way it is supposed to. They are still in the enclosure 4 days later as the forecast is for some nasty weather and I think the calf is better off under a roof than out in the rain or wet snow.