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Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Warmest Year Yet???

Interesting co-incidence that I woke up to the coldest day yet this winter at -15F. While in the background "climate change radio" (CBC) comes out with the headline that 2023 was the hottest year on record. Theres times I really need to turn the radio off. I can remember one hot day last summer. Canada Day, July 1 was aboout 90F so I decided it was too warm to drive the Merc to the local car show. Other than that I don't remember any extreme heat. Fall harvest, if anything seemed cool and damp. I'll agree that December was well above normal temps and hardly any snow. I guess that is the "warm spell" that has thrown the average temp for the year into the above normal category. I miss the days when all we had to worry about was pollution and the coming ice age. (1960s) In the meantime I'll keep warm by the burning fire.


  1. It is cold and wet here in Oregon. Snow is forecast but who knows. I need frozen ground to get a few things done.

    1. We have no shortage of frozen ground here. Kind of glad of snow to insulate the ground so it does not freeze down to the water lines.

  2. I went out to make pellets for a neighbor. The auger hopper is full of water. Apparently I stuck the hydraulic hose ends into the auger hopper when I moved the auger. Solid block of ice. It kind of crazy to be working when I have a rocking chair and a woodstove.

  3. The temp measurement height from the ground was changed this past year. If measured from the old position it was within a quarter of a degree of the last 3 years measurement. Nothing to see here.