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Saturday, October 28, 2017

2140 Wheel Paint

Sounded like today might be the last nice day, nice enough for a little painting anyway. Those rust patches on the rear wheels of the John Deere 2140 always caught my eye and I had plans to do something about it. The valve stems had leaked a bit of calcium chloride over the past 36 years. For those not aware, calcium chloride is added to the rear tires of a tractor for weight to increase traction. It is cheap and effective but the downside is, extreme corrosive rust anywhere this stuff contacts metal.

I found a half decent used valve stem core housing on an old tractor tube and installed it. Seemed to seal up the leak. A few minutes work with the sand blaster got rid of the surface rust. Then a can of rustoleum yellow soon had the wheels looking 100% better. A little steel wool work cleaned up the over spray on the tires that I had been too lazy to mask. Unfortunately I see now the other tire also leaks chloride at the valve stem so I need to remove and replace that one. Those tires are so full of fluid that it is impossible to remove the valve core housing without the chloride spraying out as I found on the first tire. Good thing the shed has a dirt floor to soak up those spills.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

First Snow

Never a welcome sight but this was kind of a scenic view this morning in the sun. The poor old 49 Merc had a good coating of snow on it. The engine still seized up solid. I have to admit I have been neglecting it lately not even trying to turn the motor with the big wrench. Though I am pretty sure it is not going to loosen up and I will end up removing the heads to finally loosen it up.
At least the snow will not catch any crops still waiting to be harvested. Thanks to the dry conditions everything is finished. No flax on this farm this year or else that might be waiting on me.
The ground is almost too dry to freeze. What little rain we have had has barely been enough to dampen the surface and done nothing for subsoil moisture. More snow will help that situation but it can wait a while yet.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Fence Repair With Roosty6

Fixing some fence the old fashioned way. No hydraulic post pounders or post hole augers here. Its a good way to keep warm on a cool and damp fall morning. Plus a little history on survey pegs. Not many of them left in this part of the country so I thought I'd take a picture and video of one.

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

2090 Stuck In The Mud

Dry and dusty out there in the ashes of the bulrush fire so I was a little surprised when the tractor got stuck in the mud with the disker.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Oct 16 Bulrush Burn

More smoke and flames as I reclaim former farm land. Not the greatest video or audio but all I had was the I phone at the time.

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Marking The Day

It was a good job for the rather cold but sunny day. I'd noticed a leaning corner post North of the barn. Closer inspection revealed it had rotted off just below ground level as they often do. So I sawed (by hand) an old telephone pole in half to make two good long posts for the fence.
Augering a hole in the ground was a real challenge. A summer of almost no rain has left the ground hard and dry. Add to that it was one of the stoniest spots on the farm and it turned into an almost all day job. Soil too dry for the hand auger to pick up so I pulled most of the powder dry dirt out of the hole by hand. One big rock was too big to loosen up and remove so I had to expand the post hole a bit to the side of the rock so I could get the post in position.
At the end of the day the new posts are in, not as deep as I hoped, rails re-attached and standing almost straight. They will keep the cattle in for a few more years.
Its not real pretty but I can look at it every day now and remember what I did on my 64th birthday.
The Fab Four. Not the Beatles but they do a pretty good rendition of this old tune. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017


At least it looks like I succeeded in the job I started two days ago. Another trip to the dealer for more oil and a couple of filter gaskets. (One for a spare in case I wrecked another one). This time I carefully installed the new gasket according to the advise I'd been given. I have to say it is one of the more awkward and difficult filters I've changed. Heavy cast iron filter body hanging upside down under the tractor.  One hand holding up the filter and body while the other turns the wrench trying to start the bolt. It was almost a 2 man job but I got it done myself. After a test drive I could not find any leaks. Ready to go to work.

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Cutting Bulrushes With the 730 Case

Finally got some editing done of the huge file of Gopro video I have featuring the old 730 Case and me cutting down bulrushes. It was a sunny warm day, just what I need for riding my uncle's old tractor on the land he used to farm. Bulrush fuzz was in the air and plugging up the grille and radiator on the tractor. It required occasionally stopping to clean it off. Made quite a clearing but now I have to see if I can burn it.

Saw the first snow flakes of the season today. Not anything to accumulate but a sign of whats to come. I think we will get a few more good days yet.

Harvest Over Still Busy

You might think with harvest over early that things would slow down but I'm still trying to catch up. Of course at this time of year we try to get those things done that winter will put a stop to. Like getting the potatoes dug before they freeze in the ground. I've likely got enough to keep me going over the winter already in the bin but there are plenty more to dig. Today might be a good day to work on that as the forecast is for a cold night. Already had ice in the cattle trough a few mornings.
I can't do much with the "new to me" John Deere tractor as I wrecked a gasket doing a hydraulic oil change. Guess I should not have started the job on a long weekend when the parts store will be closed. In close to 50 years of oil and filter changes I don't ever recall making that mistake but what's done is done and I'll put it down as the cost of experience. Great little tractor though and it will be nice to have working brakes, pto and easy steering for a front end loader.
Yesterday's large family gathering to mark thanksgiving and a couple of birthdays was good.
Smoke continues to rise most days as farmers burn bulrushes (cat tails) reclaiming  land that has been flooded for the past (decade?). Hope to do a little of that myself if time and weather permits.

Monday, October 2, 2017

Drone Trike Oct 1

First of October and for the first time in years, I am finished harvest with the machinery all put away for winter. Having finally giving up on harvesting flax makes a difference. Notice  I said harvesting, not growing. It was  never a  problem to grow a crop of flax  but at least half the time it was a major  challenge and  sometimes impossible to harvest. I'll miss it in the crop rotation but I won't miss the grief  and stress  of trying to  harvest it.

So time for  a scenic drive on the trike with a view from about 90 feet above.  We have had a good run of fall colours here this year but its  coming to an end. High winds one  day and now rain is making the trees look a little bare.