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Monday, October 2, 2017

Drone Trike Oct 1

First of October and for the first time in years, I am finished harvest with the machinery all put away for winter. Having finally giving up on harvesting flax makes a difference. Notice  I said harvesting, not growing. It was  never a  problem to grow a crop of flax  but at least half the time it was a major  challenge and  sometimes impossible to harvest. I'll miss it in the crop rotation but I won't miss the grief  and stress  of trying to  harvest it.

So time for  a scenic drive on the trike with a view from about 90 feet above.  We have had a good run of fall colours here this year but its  coming to an end. High winds one  day and now rain is making the trees look a little bare.


  1. That was really fun to watch, thanks for taking us on the ride. :D Oh and was that frost or a bit of snow on the bales?

    1. Thanks Bev. It was fun to shoot and I hope to do some more. No snow or frost in that one. Must have been the light reflections or the dead branches maybe.