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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

2090 Stuck In The Mud

Dry and dusty out there in the ashes of the bulrush fire so I was a little surprised when the tractor got stuck in the mud with the disker.


  1. You disk seeder is very interesting. Please tell us more.
    (Not to pooh-pooh your sufferings of getting stuck of course)

  2. That was a pretty easy "stuck tractor" episode to get out of. I've had far worse. That Massey Ferguson disker is like all my stuff, old technology. In the sixties and seventies most of the crops here were planted with similar implements and good results. Now that we are saving the planet with zero till and constant herbicide spraying to control weeds, disker/seeders are out of the picture. They worked very well in black summerfallow but that is almost swearing to speak those words now. Maybe I'll post a link on facebook showing me planting a crop with it back in 1988.