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Saturday, October 14, 2017

Marking The Day

It was a good job for the rather cold but sunny day. I'd noticed a leaning corner post North of the barn. Closer inspection revealed it had rotted off just below ground level as they often do. So I sawed (by hand) an old telephone pole in half to make two good long posts for the fence.
Augering a hole in the ground was a real challenge. A summer of almost no rain has left the ground hard and dry. Add to that it was one of the stoniest spots on the farm and it turned into an almost all day job. Soil too dry for the hand auger to pick up so I pulled most of the powder dry dirt out of the hole by hand. One big rock was too big to loosen up and remove so I had to expand the post hole a bit to the side of the rock so I could get the post in position.
At the end of the day the new posts are in, not as deep as I hoped, rails re-attached and standing almost straight. They will keep the cattle in for a few more years.
Its not real pretty but I can look at it every day now and remember what I did on my 64th birthday.
The Fab Four. Not the Beatles but they do a pretty good rendition of this old tune. 


  1. I assume you don't have an auger for your tractor.

    1. No tractor powered auger here. Every post hole on this farm is done the old fashioned manual labour method. Maybe I should get an auger to work on the 3 point hitch of this "new" JD tractor.