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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Harvest Over Still Busy

You might think with harvest over early that things would slow down but I'm still trying to catch up. Of course at this time of year we try to get those things done that winter will put a stop to. Like getting the potatoes dug before they freeze in the ground. I've likely got enough to keep me going over the winter already in the bin but there are plenty more to dig. Today might be a good day to work on that as the forecast is for a cold night. Already had ice in the cattle trough a few mornings.
I can't do much with the "new to me" John Deere tractor as I wrecked a gasket doing a hydraulic oil change. Guess I should not have started the job on a long weekend when the parts store will be closed. In close to 50 years of oil and filter changes I don't ever recall making that mistake but what's done is done and I'll put it down as the cost of experience. Great little tractor though and it will be nice to have working brakes, pto and easy steering for a front end loader.
Yesterday's large family gathering to mark thanksgiving and a couple of birthdays was good.
Smoke continues to rise most days as farmers burn bulrushes (cat tails) reclaiming  land that has been flooded for the past (decade?). Hope to do a little of that myself if time and weather permits.


  1. LOL - You DO realize that if everybody reclaims a few acres and plants more crops, the price will probably go down? It seems a farmer is derned if does and derned if he don't.

    1. Probably very true Gorges but us farmers just can't resist scratching around in the dirt when we get the chance.