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Tuesday, October 10, 2017


At least it looks like I succeeded in the job I started two days ago. Another trip to the dealer for more oil and a couple of filter gaskets. (One for a spare in case I wrecked another one). This time I carefully installed the new gasket according to the advise I'd been given. I have to say it is one of the more awkward and difficult filters I've changed. Heavy cast iron filter body hanging upside down under the tractor.  One hand holding up the filter and body while the other turns the wrench trying to start the bolt. It was almost a 2 man job but I got it done myself. After a test drive I could not find any leaks. Ready to go to work.


  1. The people who design things should be forced to work on them. I know a lot of modern cars seem to require you to be a skinny left-handed guy working under the car to do a lot of "simple maintenance."

  2. Theres been many times I've been working in some awkward spot on machinery and wondering to myself how someone who is not thin or have extremely long arms would ever be able to do the job I'm doing.