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Saturday, February 19, 2022

Looking Back

As this miserable pandemic winter drags on it is entertaining to look back on better times. I've been converting more old home movies to digital from vhs video and uploading a few to my youtube channel. People seem to like them. This latest one shows some kids learning to pedal bikes and drive go karts. Is there a better place to grow up than on a Saskatchewan farm? I can't imagine it. Hope the "kids" don't mind being on the movie. I didn't identify anybody by name.

Sunday, February 13, 2022

Sunshine Wind and Snow

We got it all today. Cool and cloudy morning but still looked promising enough to plug in the tractor to finally open my driveway. Sun came out briefly too but by the time I got to the tractor shed it was blowing snow in high winds so I put that idea on hold til afternoon. By afternoon brilliant bursts of sunshine illuminated the blowing and drifting snow. Temp went up above normal but by late afternoon it was headed down into the discomfort zone again so the tractor idea got pushed ahead into tomorrow. I need the driveway open by 1:00 for an appointment but I'm starting to think of cancelling. This has been one crazy winter. Hardly a break between wind storms. Lots of snow for the fields but its being blown off the fields into ditches and yards where it won't do us much good. On the good news side, grains prices are still at crazy high levels and I have some to sell if the weather ever gives me a few days in a row without wind and blowing snow to get it hauled. On the bad side, crop input costs have jumped about as bad as grain prices have gone good. And of course the general unrest in the whole country. Interesting times indeed.

Friday, February 4, 2022

The World Through A Keyhole

I call this viewing the world through a keyhole. I know a lot of people access the internet with a cell phone. In fact i am doing that now,but not by choice. Seems my meagre "starvation ration" of 50 gb from sasktel has almost run out before month end.So i am reduced to using my i phone as a hotspot to get internet on my laptop. Which actually works quite well,when it works. Ìt took 2 hours of trouble shooting and experimenting before it connected to my laptop last night. While waiting i tried using the iphone to watch a few yt videos and readinng forum comments but as i said, like viewing the world through a keyhole. Incredibly slow and frustrating scrolling side to side and up and down. I can certainly see why spelling, punctuation, grammer, etc. Are so bad on the net. And abbreviations so popular. I hate pecking away at an onscreen keyboard with one big clumsy finger when i am used to speeding along using all ten fingers and thumbs.. it has taken me half an hour to peck out this short rant which normally should take maybe 2 minutes. Stressful too. I neneed a rest now.

Thursday, February 3, 2022

Hot Day In July

Its -20F and high wind chill out there right now so its time to be reminded of summer time hot days when I could take an evening crop tour in the old Merc with the window open. Turn on the  vintage "Eskimo" fan for some cool air. I recorded this way back in July of 2021 but just edited it here on Feb 3 of 2022.