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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Done Seeding and.....

We have caterpillars. Tent Caterpillars in hordes like a science fiction movie. If you are the type that has a phobia about creepy crawlers you won't want to visit my hundred acre woods. And the other woods around it. The poplar trees are literally stripped of leaves and the branches hang with webs from the worms. They have spread out into the fields too but hopefully don't eat crops.
Caterpillars coating the tires of my truck today. 
They rode along on the booms of the sprayer this morning. Even a 6 mile ride down the gravel road did not shake them loose. 

The whole month of May has been pretty much a blur of activity and here it is over already. I was surprised and glad to see canola coming up today. I did not expect to see it til a rain fell but I guess there was enough moisture in the soil to sprout it. That glyphosate burn off was a good idea and sure set the weeds back, giving the crop a chance to get a start. Say what you will against Monsanto but their products work and make our life easier here on the farm. 
As expected there is a tremendous crop of volounteer flax coming in the canola crop but roundup will take care of that. 
I pretty much pushed the limit on the glyphosate burn off on the last field of oats I planted. 3 days of non stop wind kept me from spraying and I was afraid the oats would be out of the ground before I got it done. Which would very likely kill the oats. But the weeds were so bad that I figured take a chance as there would not be much of a crop if I didn't spray to kill the twitch grass etc. 
Been a long day having been up since 5:00 for an early start on chem fallow. I need to do the same tomorrow to finish up the last 60 acres. Then a short break before the canola is ready for it's first pass with glyphosate (roundup). Probably next week. 

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Drone View Planting Canola

Been a little busy the past few weeks trying to get a crop planted. With the usual hitches , breakdowns and general setbacks it takes a long time. I think time passes quicker the older I get. I did manage to get most of the crop in the ground by the 24th of May which is kind of a random target date I like to be finished by. Still got a few garden things to plant. That first row of potatoes has been in the ground near a month I think and a few of them are growing.

I've been too busy to fly the drone but my nephew was able to use his to get some great video of my running the air seeder this past weekend. Out among the scenic sloughs of pothole country. Hopefully it will be nice and yellow this summer with blooming canola.

Thursday, May 18, 2017


I guess its not unusual for us to get frost overnight in May and we had it last night. Ice in the cattle trough and cat dish this morning. Lucky I have no crop up to damage yet. There is talk in some areas that emerged canola suffered some damage from frost. It takes time to show.Re-seeding might happen for some.
Got in a good day of seeding wheat here (my first) after getting a couple of hundred  acres of canola planted. We are seeing a little dust behind the air seeder which is something we have not had a lot of in the past wet (mud) years.  That canola in  the dust will need a little rain shower to help it germinate. It might happen on the weekend.
I had a little help  in the field today
Mary running the 2090 and harrow packer.
While I seeded wheat on canola stubble. Good looking sunset. Should be a nice day tomorrow.

Saturday, May 13, 2017

Windy Day

It was a good day to be in the shelter of the poplar groves of the hundred acre woods today. Wild East wind just won't quit. Nice enough working indoors in the cab but anytime I get out it nearly takes my hat off. Toque and jacket in the morning but AC needed by mid  morning.
Making progress slowly although I am a week behind where I should be thanks to the flax holdup. Finally got all the straw burned, field sprayed and now anhydroused.
Not without holdups and problems but overall not bad. That flat front tire on the tractor was repairable and back in service the next day. Thank goodness for the reliable services at the local Co-op that help keep the wheels turning. They got that leaking hydraulic hose fixed up for me too.
Have to say the soil conditions are the driest I have seen in a while and it is a nice change not fighting mud and stuck tractors. That might change in the next few days if the forecast it right.

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Bad Luck,

or no luck at all. That expression kept running through my head these past few days. The flax field disaster just won't end. I've given up on trying to get it through the combine without burning the machine or field down. Now trying to dispose of the crop swaths is a mammoth task. The flax rake won't work at all. The harrows are working but slowly as some of the old swaths from last fall are almost glued to the ground. It all helped influence my decision to never try growing flax again. Weeds growing like crazy in the global warming heat we have endured for a couple of days. I should be seeding, or anhydrousing, both actually. But I can't til this straw is out of the way. I did get a small start on anhydrousing a small field of canola stubble yesterday. It had some surprisingly wet spots where I was lucky not to get stuck.
Dry fertilizer delivered to the yard Friday so that part is ready to go, if I ever actually get into the field with the air seeder.
Flax straw harrowing went well but slow today. Right up until a front tire went flat on the tractor. A 3/4 mile walk across the hundred acre woods to the only available transportation (the John Deere swather). Slow but it beats walking. No spares so that tractor is down til tomorrow. I made use of the wasted afternoon by cleaning up and putting the swather and combine away in the shed til next harvest.
Little spits of rain all over the radar map tonight  that likely won't amount to much. Not that we need any.

Monday, May 1, 2017

Up In The Clouds May 1

Got up into the clouds with the drone this evening. Got to see the sun. Sure is a lot of water on the fields. Seems like today's rain brought more to the surface but that might be my imagination. It sets us back even further to get started seeding crops. (Or combining).