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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Windy Day

It was a good day to be in the shelter of the poplar groves of the hundred acre woods today. Wild East wind just won't quit. Nice enough working indoors in the cab but anytime I get out it nearly takes my hat off. Toque and jacket in the morning but AC needed by mid  morning.
Making progress slowly although I am a week behind where I should be thanks to the flax holdup. Finally got all the straw burned, field sprayed and now anhydroused.
Not without holdups and problems but overall not bad. That flat front tire on the tractor was repairable and back in service the next day. Thank goodness for the reliable services at the local Co-op that help keep the wheels turning. They got that leaking hydraulic hose fixed up for me too.
Have to say the soil conditions are the driest I have seen in a while and it is a nice change not fighting mud and stuck tractors. That might change in the next few days if the forecast it right.


  1. I hope the weather holds for you, Ralph, as you know, plowing mud makes for cloddy ground.

  2. Anhydroused? There's a word I've never heard before.

    1. Spell check does not recognize it either and maybe I made it up. But I was in the act of applying anhydrous fertilizer to the fields so it seemed like the logical word for what I was doing.