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Tuesday, March 8, 2022

Buried The Plow

Wow, yet another winter storm has buried us in snow drifts. I've been taking pictures of the lawn ornament plow in my yard through this winter and as of today there is only a few inches of the front spindle sticking up through the snowdrift. Got to be a good three feet. I had to shovel to get into the barn this morning and again late afternoon. Its become a snow tunnel to get to the chop bin and the oat chop is getting pretty low. I need to grind up some more oats pretty quick before the bin runs out. Cattle need a little grain to carry them through this cold. I'm so thankful we got the last of the January grain contract hauled out with only hours to spare yesterday. Weather was already turning bad by mid afternoon but nothing like it got by night time. Roads not fit to travel all across the South end of the province. The little calf born two weeks ago seems fine out in the cattle shelter with the rest of the herd. I've got mountains of snow to move soon as it lets up a bit. Ran the hundred gallon tank of winter diesel empty yesterday filling up the vac tractor. Don't think I've ever used that much in a winter before. I'm going to mix up a little summer diesel with Howes concentrate to thin it enough that the fuel won't gel in the remaining cold weather that is in our immediate future. I don't want to buy anymore winter diesel at this point even if the fuel truck could get into my yard. And lets not even talk about the cost of fuel. High grain prices are fine but by the time we pay the fuel bills and inflated crop input prices I don't think we will be any better off. Not complaining too much as I know there are parts of the world where they have cold weather and no shelter or services thanks to a dictator that wants to take over their country by force. How can this still happen in 2022? Has the world learned nothing from past history? Everybody is scared that Rasputin is going to push the nuke button. Its probably a bluff but they do say that dictators don't usually have a retirement plan either.