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Thursday, June 6, 2024

Climate Hell?

That is the latest headline from the climate ninnies. Warning that we have just experienced the hottest May in recent history. Meanwhile, back in the world where I live, its 62 degrees in my house and I'm wearing a hoodie to keep warm. If it was January I'd be turning on the furnace to warm the house up but I refuse to do it on the sixth of June! Yesterday's 'high temp" was about 60 degrees outdoors and with the raging NW wind it was downright cold outside. Good weather if you are digging ditches or shovelling grain but otherwise its winter boots and lined jackets over coveralls. Really wonder if I'm living on the same planet sometimes. https://www.cbc.ca/news/climate/climate-warming-copernicus-record-united-nations-1.7224438


  1. The Clever Folks running Oregon cutting off the water to small truck gardens who sell at Farmer Markets. They say it is because we are in a drought due to Man Caused Global Climate Change. Of course we are...

    1. some might say that man didn''t cause it and he is not going to solve it either.

  2. I would never consider ANYTHING from Justin Trudeau's Communist-Liberal-biased CBC to contain ANY unmanipulated data - EVER! You must first know the CBC has forever been a pro-Liberal, pro-Communist and pro-Socialist news group; second, all media in Canada is licensed to broadcast only with the permission of the CRTC (Canadian Radio & Telecommunications Commission,) which receives all of its direction from the Government (the Liberal Party;) and lastly, the CBC would not exist in a competitive news environment and require the vast majority of its operating budget from Government funding (yet another constant drain of taxpayer funds.)
    Remember, Canadian "statistics" have been manipulated through the FACT places such as Toronto have been keeping weather records for almost two hundred years, yet the only statistics employed to support their narrative are only one hundred years or less - why? Because the Global Warming.... no CLIMATE CHANGE scam can't work.
    In short CBC is full of liars and charlatans - just like Justin Trudeau's Liberal Party.