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Thursday, October 5, 2023

Fall Winter

Its supposed to be fall but feels more like winter today. Temp struggling to hit 40 with fine rain and raging NW wind. I went to work on a few things on the combine but soon lost my enthusiasm in those conditions. It has been parked for six days waiting on some decent weather. I'm down to my last field but it is the worst one. Good as far as crop yield but a bit of a nightmare to get through the combine. I did my best trying to swath the nearly six foot tall canola but still left intermittent lumps of swath where it plugged going through the swath opening. Some of these piles are so big and knitted together that I just lift the combine header over them and drive on. Not worth the frustration and exertion of unplugging the feeder chain yet again. Not to mention the time lost. The stress on the combine and operator is high. Next year better be a shorter variety of canola that my swather can handle. I'm even seriously considering putting the sidelined IH 1660 in the field hoping it might handle the lumpy swath better. Just need to rig up an oil leak catcher at the gear box and keep on adding oil to replace what leaks out. Supposed to be a nice weekend and then a few days of good weather. Will it be enough for me to finish? I wouldn't bet on it. The last day it took me 5 hours to do a 12 acre patch of canola swaths. At that rate I'll need a week of good weather to finish. Signs of snow falling this evening. Its cold enough. Sask Energy will be happy as my furnace is running.


  1. There you are! Good to see you're still hard at it.

    1. I might just win the title of last guy combining in the area although there are still a few fields standing on the way to town as of Oct. 13.

  2. Are you going to use your 1660 for harvest 2024?