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Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Garden Progress June 13

I've done a couple of these garden updates already but never got around to editing and uploading. So finally one makes it to yt. The month of May has been a blur in fast forward and the garden has not had the attention it needs. Potato bugs are making progress, as are the weeds. Its either too hot, too many mosquitos or I'm too busy with other farming stuff. The fancy new rain gauge was free thanks to a post I made on fb that drew the attention of a site that records rainfall and wanted me to become a reporter. Today's forest fire smoke is the worst I've seen so far even with a strong South wind blowing. Too windy for crop spraying so maybe a chance to catch up on garden work.


  1. You're just a little too quiet down there lately, Mr. Goff. -Kate

    1. Its true. I do more on my youtube channel than blogger lately. And harvest is just taking up all my time now. Notice I didn't say spare time because I don't seem to have any of that.