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Saturday, August 3, 2019

Heat, And AC

Its been a hot week. We actually hit 90 degrees yesterday so I was pretty relieved to get the new fan finally connected and in working condition in the Magnum tractor. It took a real mechanic to get the wiring figured out. Plus 4 extra hands to get the cab roof back in place. A&I really could have been a little more clear in their instructions how to hook up the wiring the right way so it doesn't melt down the resistor.
Seems like I've been trying to cut hay all week but really only got started yesterday. Weather, breakdowns, etc. all conspired to drag this job out a little longer. Hopefully the grass will have grown a little longer too. Some patches are just not worth cutting.
Looks like it might be time to empty the bins of last year's grain to make room for the new crop. Poor timing and I gambled and lost on the price of canola going up. It is now down to 1990s levels. That does not go well with 2019 crop input expenses. Last year $11 per bushel. This year, $9 if we are lucky. Government assistance =$0.

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