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Wednesday, August 28, 2019

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year (Not)

I'm talking about that annoying stupid "back to school" ad in which the parents are so glad their kids are going back to school. Hard to believe but those back to school ads still bother me even after all these years away from it. To me it meant the end of summer and freedom. Back to resume the twelve year sentence, five days a week. I survived it.
In other news "climate change" continues to slow down crop development and harvest thanks to too cold temperatures and rain now that we don't need it anymore. August daytime highs in the 60s?!?
I better stop complaining. Next week it could be in the 90s knowing this country.
Glad I got some grain hauled out and summerfallow worked a week or so ago when the weather was closer to normal. Some video of it here. And remember, watching on a screen tends to flatten out the terrain making Saskatchewan look flat as a pancake. Maybe some parts but not here.


  1. It was in the 90's here today. The low humidity (28%) saved us from suffering like we used to do in Florida. Only a couple of days of this. It's been otherwise a cool summer. The milk weed here just started to bloom. Maybe a month or two out of schedule.

    1. 90 degrees is well past my comfort zone too. We have not seen it this year.

  2. lol - Be careful, Ralph; you don't want to become an old curmudgeon like me!

  3. I never rejoiced when my kids went back to school, because it meant I too was tied down to the school schedule. Glad that's over. -Kate