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Monday, August 12, 2019

Dysart Museum 2019

Well I made it to the 2019 car show with one car anyway. 4 tenths of rain the night before meant 12 miles of muddy gravel road to get there so I gave up the idea initially, But the sun came out by noon and began drying enough that I decided to risk taking the Chevy II, Not that either car would be a problem to drive but I know the massive task it is to clean mud off the rusting undersides and frames of these cars. I've done it once and don't want to do it again. There were only about half the number of cars that normally show up so I was glad I was able to increase their numbers by one.

As usual I shot a huge amount of video while walking around viewing the vehicles and talking to some of the owners. Interesting to meet one of my youtube channel followers there as well as an ag talk forum member. Also as usual, a lot of the video was sideways or looking at the ground but I managed to put together a few minutes of good clips.


  1. Glad you got off the farm for a while. It's good to have an outing now and then.

  2. There's a car show in Margo on the 24th. Too far? If not, 306-269-0255 for info. Unfortunately I believe rain is in the forecast. -Kate

    1. Thanks, thats a bit out of my range Kate. Plus I hope to be swathing canola by (Or before) then.