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Sunday, January 30, 2022

A Few Rotten Apples

 Head of Canadian Military Condemns Anti-Vax Convoy Protesters ‘Dancing on Tomb of the Unknown Soldier’ (pressprogress.ca)

As much as I am in favour of this "Freedom Rally" going on in Ottawa right now, this news item really turned enthusiasm down a lot. These protesters desecrating the tomb of the unknown soldier are not the kind of people I want representing me. The guy in that tomb likely died carrying a gun in the name of freedom in World War II. Unlike the loud mouthed knuckle dragger waving his arms dancing on the soldier's tomb. 

No doubt there are some opportunists that see the whole thing as a chance to go out and create mayhem on the streets in the name of freedom. There is even talk there are paid protesters put out there to make the whole thing look bad. Could be possible. Plenty of room for conspiracy theories here too. 

Grave Dancer


  1. Notice how they confab the trucking convoy with some Yahoos dancing on the monument. Clueless idiots, but they aren't the truckers, now are they?

    Like that yutz who filmed himself peeing on the monument a couple of years back. If I'd been there, he would have had to sit down to pee from then on.

  2. Don't forget that one of these "protestors" was carrying a bona fide Nazi flag in Ottawa this weekend.

    Let's face it: there ARE neo-nazis in Canada and they were in the convoy.

    1. I doubt there were any Nazis in the convoy. In the USA "agitators" showed up at peaceful protests and caused problems. The Nazi flag probably came from a leftist. The truckers have to police their protest to make sure there is nothing like the incident at the tomb or some idiot is flying a Nazi flag.

    2. A lot of the problem now is we get so much conflicting "news" that I don't know what or who to believe anymore. Sometimes I think we were better off years ago when the news was weeks old before we got to read about it.

  3. Like so many things that start out with good intentions. The criminal element works it's way in and makes the whole thing look bad. If the media are looking for ways to discredit them, its not hard to find.