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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Early Start To Winter

We were lucky to get the brief window of Indian Summer in mid October to finish the harvest but now its November and more winter than summer. Cold winds and trying to snow make it miserable out there. Down in the teens for a day time high.
Grass froze off pretty bad in the pasture so the cattle are complaining as they always do this time of year. I took pity on them and put out the first hay bale of winter. Almost a month early compared to most years so its going to be a long winter of feeding til May. Once I start there is no stopping. Got a load of oats through the old hammer mill last week so they have plenty of oat chop to build up a little energy and insulation against the winter cold. I think cattle burn up a lot of their feed just keeping warm in this winter we get  here.
Field work is done. The ground has frozen. There might still be a field or two of unharvested crops around but they will likely wait til spring now.

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