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Saturday, March 15, 2008

Silver Birches

Silver Birches
No, those are just common Poplar or Trembling Aspen trees in the picture behind me. But they have the similar white bark that might fool some on first appearance. I wonder if these are the type of trees my grandfather, Horace Nevard saw back in 1906 when he first came to homestead this farm. It was not uncommon in those days to have a farm name for the homestead and the three Nevard brothers were no exception. Ernest named his "The Poplars". Brother Arthur named his "Winstanley Grove" no doubt inspired by his wife's maiden name of Winstanley. Horace chose "Silver Birches". In the many acres of native bush land on that farm I have yet to find a single Birch tree although I have not seen it all. My Uncle always claimed there were a few left but never got around to showing me where. The search continues.

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