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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Renovation 1967

The original Nevard homestead shack built in the fall of 1903 served them well and was lived in continuously until about 1950. Constructed of vertical logs and covered with willow withes and plaster. The dreams of a new house are reflected in the cement foundation a short distance away, now obscured by trees. That was as far as they got with it when the depression years hit making it impossible to continue building.

This photo shows the renovation that went on in the year of 1967. Young "Billy" Nevard was only a year or two old when he came to live in this house in 1905. Here in this photo he works on the roof. In his sixties and retired from years of farming and later working at the sanatorium, this was his restoration project. Preserving a bit of family history.

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  1. I enjoyed reading the family story on the home and seeing the photo. I also find it so interesting to go into the stories from family history, beyond the genetic ties. I enjoy reading all your blogs here. :)