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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Long And Winding Road

The long and winding road. Well, by Sask. standards it was winding in this picture although probably considered pretty straight compared to some. This drop down the Lumsden Hill into the Qu'appelle valley provides some relief from the sometimes monotonous flat terrain leading up to it. Plenty of traffic on this 4 lane blacktop which makes it really interesting when towing a wide farm implement behind a 3/4 ton diesel pickup. Something like 5 hours at 24 miles per hour so we got to see all sorts of drivers out there ranging from cautious and courteous to impatient and selfish but thankfully we made the trip with no mishaps. The cracked implement tires held up for the entire trip much to my surprise.
Weather was beautiful. I guess sometimes you get the breaks. Now with a little luck we will have it field ready within a week


  1. That brings back the memories. I farmed entirely with equipment dragged home from farm auctions near and far. Usually bad tires and various loose parts that had to be lashed down or removed and loaded in the truck bed. At least the shoulders look wide enough that you've somewhere to go in case of trouble. And look at all that blue sky! What do you listen to on those drives?

  2. My friends truck has xm or sirius radio going in the background but mostly we talk about farming and life in general. And its funny but all those hours went by very quickly.

  3. One of the rare and wonderful times farmers can relax and visit and not feel like they're wasting time...we don't even get to pause to rest the horses anymore.

  4. Lucky you! They don't allow farm equipment on four-lanes in my state, even though the berms are paved many places.

  5. My brother and I have made those trips. Once we drove to the far far corner of the state to bring home a baler. The dealer was a bit shocked we were going to pull it home.
    We were a bit shocked when one of the wheels passed us up on the Freeway, but we got it welded back on.
    It was an adventure!