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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fencing, spraying weeds, etc.

Thats my Dad fixing fence back in the hot dry summer of 88. I thought about him yesterday while replacing some fence posts.
Most of the time I will use the tractor and front end loader to push the posts into the ground but where the fence goes
through trees and bush it is impossible to get the tractor near so I do it the old fashioned way, with a crow bar and
"post maul" as Dad used to call it. Thats about a 12 pound hammer on a long handle and it will drive fence pickets deep
into the ground, but it takes a good man to swing it. Dad would hold the post steady with his left hand and swing that big
hammer with his right arm. Once the post was lined up he would go at it with both hands on the hammer. Smooth steady swings
using the weight of the hammer, not so much the strength of his arms to drive the picket into the ground.
Fence repair, not one of my favourite farm jobs but one that has to be done if there are cattle.
It was a good day for it, cool and cloudy eventually turning into a fine rain that would soak you through before you realized
just how much it was raining.
Its been a rare day that we haven't had rain lately it seems. Producing lush green pastures for the cattle but causing problems
for those still trying to plant their crops. I was lucky enough to finish up a week ago but am now trying to catch up on
crop spraying. Weeds grow well too when it rains this much. Unfortunately all that moisture makes it "interesting" trying
to spray the crops. I've had to put the big front wheel assist tractor normally used for heavy tillage, onto the sprayer. Even
with that I've been close to stuck in the mud a time or two. Theres some pretty nasty ruts left behind me which will provide
some rough rides for the swather come harvest time.
Its clouding up in the west again and more showers are predicted for tonight and tomorrow. Looks like the sprayer will get
a day or so off.


  1. The need to build fence is the reason we do not have cows.
    My dad was also the fence building expert of the family. He liked electric fences. They did not always work...
    Sorry to see you are in the mud as well. I hope this is all not the result my amateur efforts at recharging the A/C in the 2-135 last summer!

  2. The rains are benefiting the garden here in Calgary with my wheat (Utrecht Blue) over 2 inches high.

    Rains are often good for some and bad for others. Better than tornadoes I guess. We've had enough rain though so it can stop now!

  3. Fencing is why we sold our Herefords back in the late 70's or early 80's. We needed to refence the whole farm, and when we did the math, the wire alone was worth more than the cattle were at the time.