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Monday, July 19, 2010

Country Road Taking me Home

The photo shows the view down the long hood of the old 730 Case as I head home for the evening after a short day in the field.
Time is flying by and I see its been a while since I updated here. Did I mention I bought a new (to me) combine? I'm sure I've gone on at length in the past about the tribulations of trying to harvest flax with my IH combine so I won't dwell on it. The popular belief is that John Deere conventionals handle flax much better so I found a really nice 22 year old pull type green machine to combine flax this year and save my sanity. Now if the weather co-operates and the crop survives without hail or frost we will see how that goes.
We have managed to dodge the bullets of hail storms and tornados so far but other areas of the province have not been so lucky, losing not only crops but homes and machinery.
Haying is slow going as I held off cutting every time rain was forecast, and that was pretty frequent. I did manage to get maybe ten percent of my winter's supply cut and baled so far but theres a nice crop of it on the other farm that should have been cut a week ago. I spent half a day yesterday getting the swather out of its storage shed in hopes of cutting today. Now rain is forecast for tomorrow so I guess I'm on hold again.
I'm sure I"ve spent more hours on the lawn tractor cutting the yard than I have actually
cutting hay for winter's cattle feed.
The heavy rains have produced a great crop of hay but zero saskatoons for some reason.
Flowering canola fields are yellow and theres literally hundreds (thousands?) of acres all around me.
My flax is acres of blue, except for the acres of yellow that were drowned out by excess moisture. Flax acres are way down this year so consequently the price is way up. Nearly 50%
higher than what I sold mine for this spring. Interesting...


  1. And folks think that gambling on stocks is risky; they should try farming!

  2. Well we have a nice view out the window of our offices!
    No one uses pull-type combines around here. I have always wondered about the large pull-types. I suppose our little fields would not be so fun.
    Good luck with the hay.
    I'll be done at the end of the week. I'll just drive up and help you...