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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Long Shadows in Tall Stubble

Could this be the beginning of winter? Looking out the window today I
can believe it. Quarter mile visibility in blowing and falling snow
with temperatures a few degrees below freezing are a major contrast to
a few days ago when this picture was taken. I was baling some wheat straw
and the blue sky with the long shadows over the tall yellow wheat stubble was
pretty impressive.
The old Massey baler made good solid bales as the wheat straw was a little on
the tough side.
Its not unheard of for winter to start in late October in Sask. but I'd
sure appreciate another month of the nice weather we have been getting
for the past while. I was extremely lucky to finish harvest just a couple
of days before this weather change. Yes, the last of the wheat is in the
bin, good yield, not so great quality at #3 but maybe the price will
make up for that.
In fact there are still a few acres of canola swath unharvested but due
to the fact that they are surrounded by water I doubt they will be harvested
this fall, or maybe at all.
Now to keep crossing jobs off the list of things to be done before winter.
Haul gravel for the cattle area, finish cleaning out the shelter, repair
the wind damage on the shelter roof, repair the wind damaged fence, finish
hauling the last of the hay bales home, etc,,,. Theres more but you get the


  1. It seems those lists grow ever longer; doesn't it? I'm with you, Ralph, I'd rather have a little more autumn before winter sets in, not that there's any comparison between our winters and yours!

  2. Now there is a handsome fellow! I will show your photo to Jose as he has said he can get anyone a wife for $2,000. He tells me that when girls in his home village get to the old age of 22 then they are so old that no one will marry them. So, they would be most happy to find a nice farmer. They can make very good tamalies and they don't talk very much. I'll see if it cost more to ship one to Canada.
    Somehow this fall seems very busy. Things should be winding down not getting started. It is only 2 months till Christmas!