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Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year

Well, made it through Christmas and New years. No resolutions here though. Just keep on doing whatever seems to be working. We got lucky with weather over the holidays. No storms or bad roads although a little frosty. Actually had water dripping through my ceiling one cold morning. Turned out there is enough heat escaping through the ceiling and roof to melt the snow which then freezes at the lower edge of the roof backing up the water which then leaks under the metal sheets. I had to climb up on the roof and shovel about a ton of deep snow off to solve the problem.
I broke the bale spear on my front end loader lifting a hay bale today. Weak metal I guess as I doubt that the hydraulics on a 47 year old tractor lifting small round bales should over-stress a spear thats designed to lift any average round bale. I improvised with the remaining stub spears and a chain to get the hay bales out. Another project for the repair shop I guess.
This post was mainly intended to test if I can post those fancy blue links like the lazy farmer
Ok, I think I have it figured.
Dressed for winter, I spent an afternoon putting oats through the old hammer mill for cattle feed last week.


  1. Try to wear that outfit going across the US border and you will get violated by the TSA!
    Nice belt for your hammer mill!
    Nice blue links!
    You are going first class this year!
    I lost the link to your u-tube videos, have to look it up again.
    It is so dang cold the metal is probably a little brittle?
    I had a fellow call me to no-till wheat for him tomorrow. I guess spring is almost here?

  2. Well Ralph, it looks like you're ahead of me on figuring that blue links one out.

  3. Yes, it took a while but eventually I stumbled onto the secret right in front of me and now the links work as they should.
    It reminds me of an old saying,,
    "even a blind hog finds a truffle once in a while".
    Budde, my youtube videos are here

  4. he chuckles as he says,, came over from gorges, ok, you made it on my list. enjoy the stories a lot. keep it up.