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Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Lazy Farmer

Its amazing the things I have saved over the years. Back in the 60s one of the "big 2" farm weekly newspapers was the Winnipeg Free Press. As a kid, the humour and comic sections were my main interests . For a few years they ran this series of pictures and verse about a fictional "lazy farmer" that I must have felt worth saving. I don't know too many lazy farmers in real life although sometimes I think deep down maybe I am one myself. Only my fear of failure and what the neighbours might think keeps me working enough to make a living.


  1. By golly, I believe that gent's a poet and don't know it!

  2. The Lazy Farmer was in the Oregon Farmer-Stockman when I was growing up. I always got a kick out of the sometimes corny rhymes, so much that I've given directions to helpers in similar verse.

    I hoped they would get the humor, but I think they just thought I was wierd!

  3. I suppose I should not have looked on the fellow as a role model?
    I thought he had a pretty good relationship with Mirandy.
    I have one of those rocking chairs!
    I wish there was a book of those.

  4. It is some simple entertaining verse about a fairly lazy farmer who is quite happy with his situation in life. I've searched and found several references to the name "Song of The Lazy Farmer" but no mention of who wrote it or if it is available in book form. I can only find 15 clippings that I saved over the years so it would make a pretty small book.

  5. You state that you saved several of these writings, but this is the only post I see. Are there more somewhere that I'm missing? Would love to read more, if possible. Thanks!

  6. Yes, there are more Lazy Farmer episodes to come. When I get around to it. I am becoming the lazy farmer myself I think . For now here is another you missed.

  7. I see your post is a few years old, but I saw a bunch of these Lazy Farmer clippings in a Scrapbook that was donated to our library. Thought you might like to see. Open the PDF and scroll to the last few pages. http://archive.chathamlib.org/index.php?p=digitallibrary/digitalcontent&id=1654

    1. Those are great to see. Thanks very much for the link to the pages.