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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Family Herald

The  old Family Herald magazine is a relic from over 50 years ago. One of the few farm publications my parents subscribed to. As a kid I was mostly interested in the cover photo and the comic section. The magazine had some good columnists and commentators, I guess they would be bloggers today .
Farming articles seemed to be a little more concentrated on the eastern style of farming, not the big wheat farms and cattle ranches we had out in the west.
Ads were prolific , annoying at the time but today they are some of the more interesting parts of the magazine.
A friend donated these to me recently, knowing my appreciation for old magazines and papers. No doubt he knew they would be going to a good home and not the incinerator barrel.
I guess it says something about me, the fact that I am more interested in farming magazines from 50+ years ago than today's glossy chemical company inspired offerings.


  1. I find nothing much of interest in modern farming magazines. I don't blame you for prefering the old ones.

  2. My wife got a pile of old Life magazines from School. There was a lot more information in the old magazines. Good stories as well. I love the ads.

  3. Its funny, I scan quickly through the modern publications and throw them away but any time I get my hands on some vintage paper it goes into my "save" file.