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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Road test camera mount

I am too lazy to come up with a real blog post today so here is the next best thing. I bought a suction camera mount for my digital so I can shoot video "hands free". Makes for a nice steady video and safer too. For all the complaining I do about distracted drivers talking and texting on cell phones while driving I thought I better not let myself fall into the same "distracted" category.Some are complaining we will have a brown christmas with no snow for the first time in years. Actually we last had one in 1997. As seen in this video from yesterday , we have just about the right amount of snow, at least in my part of Sask. Everything is white but roads are good and no deep snow to push or shovel. The temps are about 20 degrees above normal but thats not hard to take.


  1. Is it my imagination, or were you riding a bit "hell for leather" there? ;-)

  2. Well it was a test Gorges. And no, its not your imagination. That camera rode along like it was part of the truck. Couldn't shake it loose.