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Saturday, May 25, 2013

A Harrowing Time

The weather continues it's best efforts to drive me insane. Damp and misty this morning but barely wet enough to be a problem . By the time I drove to the end of the driveway there was moisture on the windshield so I stopped, waited, finally headed back to the yard to do something while the weather made up its mind. I don't mind being shut down by real rain but this indecisive weather that keeps me on the edge of doing something is far more annoying. I finally did harrow pack for a couple of hours til the sun came out. Then came home and went to finish seeding flax and then harrow the field to try and pull out some of the wild oats I missed. Can't help feeling that whatever I do on this field I am just re-arranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Flax is a poor competitor with weeds and this field is contaminated with wild oats that are resistant to the common herbicides. The only option I have is a soil incorporated spray that needs to be applied now before the crop comes up.
Unfortunately it is raining now and forecast to be wet for the next few days so between that and the incessant wind I may not get the chance to spray. Consequently the field will be a weed patch in places. I could re-plant later but it is getting late for wheat. I have plenty of oats seed but obviously that is not an option. There is no herbicide known to man or giant chemical company that will eliminate wild oats from a crop of tame oats.
And in other interesting news I have been mentioned on the latest page of
the lazy farmer blog which should bring me great recognition and prestige.


  1. Farming is always a gamble, as you already know, but some years, it's like playing solitaire with a couple cards missing. Maybe you can capitalize on your new-found fame and become a media celebrity and charge serious money to go on talk shows!

  2. P.S. - I didn't win the lottery THIS week either!

  3. If you were using a disc harrow in the wind you would be disc-gusted. Or if you moved the disc you could have disc-located.

  4. Yeah, being mentioned "The Lazy Farmer," bought you an additional FIVE (5) visitors! Whoop! Whoop!