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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Hay In A Day

Its an old saying seen on some New Holland balers from the sixties, "A hay in a day machine". Today it was not a baler but a haybine that I was working with. Cutting some hay in and around the hundred acre woods as I like to call it. One thing about all this rain, it sure made the grass grow. And this old (seventies vintage) haybine cuts grass like no machine I have ever owned. Even the wiry prairie wool that made other knives hammer and stall in protest, this one just keeps cutting through. Although I was a little surprised to hear how much it rattles in the video. That Gopro camera gives me a whole new view of how the machinery works.
Sitting in the cool, clean cab I thought about those who cut hay here many years before. Behind a team of horses , sitting on the hard iron seat of a ground drive mower. At the mercy of the heat , dust , mosquitos and whatever other pests stirred up out of the long grass, it was a different world but the only one they knew.

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