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Monday, November 25, 2013

Feeding Cows With The Cockshutt 40

Just a few scenes from cattle feeding today. It was windy and miserable out in the open but in the shelter of the trees, not bad at all.  Not a lot of snow yet and the cows could probably forage around and still find something to eat out there. I started putting out a hay bale for them about a week ago. Old hay from last year but it is still good once you get past the weathered exterior. I think these animals are mostly pets. Low input and low return but it can be entertaining.


  1. But once you install the grill, will you have as handy a place to stash your baler twine? ;-)

  2. That is true Gorges. It is a convenient carrying space but I need those yellow grilles to look good for the videos :-)

  3. I like your Cockshutt 40 and your cows! I had a couple of those tractors but dad had the cows!

  4. Ed, I expect that Cockshutt 40 will be here long after the cattle are gone. Lower maintenance on the 40.