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Friday, August 1, 2014

Saskatoons In The Hundred Acre Woods

I said I was not going to bother with picking them this year as the mosquitos are terrible and the Saskatoons appeared few and far between. They looked pretty good from the seat of the tractor while I was raking hay on the hundred acre woods so I did spend part of a hot afternoon picking . The heat tends to keep the mosquitos out of the picture, at least until you get into the shade. Soon as the temp drops a bit below 80 though it is pretty bad. That ancient can of "Off" repellent did not seem to improve with age but I think it did help a bit.
Flax is finally looking blue but this is late blooming compared to other years. We are going to need another month of frost free nights for this crop to survive.

Finally all planets and stars have aligned and I am moving some of last year's crop to market. 3 semis of canola out today. Thanks goodness for a grain vac. Shoveling grain out of a  bin at 80 degrees is probably one of the hardest jobs on a farm. Or at least it used to be. 


  1. I had to Google Saskatoon. We call them service berries around here. I had no idea they were so popular.

  2. Having grown up with Saskatoons literally growing outside my door, I sometimes forget that they are unknown (mostly) outside Saskatchewan. There are some being grown domestically now and they are a little more sure crop and better quality than the wild ones. But wild is still free.