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Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Getting Used To Winter

Although the calendar won't admit it, we are well into winter here in Sask. A good layer of snow everywhere now and down to -20F this morning. If that isn't winter weather I don't know what is. Although it was not a bad day since the sun was shining bright and no wind at all. Anybody that spends much time outdoors in Sask. knows that it is not just the temperature that determines whether a day is nice. Like this caller to CBC radio last week. He got it right and that clip went viral.
Have a listen
I took the opportunity of this cool though sunny day to haul a tank of water from the well before the truck's license expires end of the month.
That went so well that I was inspired to head to the hundred acre woods and pick up a hay bale that I had missed when hauling last month. It was not worth running the tractor and trailer five miles (one way), plus way too cold to sit on an open tractor. So I used a little ingenuity along with a cable winch and ramp to pull the bale up onto the truck box and haul it home in comfort.
The sun was getting pretty low by the time I took this photo.

Back before it got too cold or snow too deep I finally got the 30+ year engine oil change done on the 39 Ford. And of course there is video evidence.

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  1. We're so used to power and technology that many folks have forgotten simple things like ramps, levers, and ropes (and winches).