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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Letter from Lottie 1942

                 W2 Memorial Cottages
Tolpuddle, Dorchester

Dear Auntie and everybody. Just a few lines thanking you for your welcome letter but it was very sad. We are glad Uncle never had to suffer. Mother used to often say she wished he had someone to stop with him. It was a blessing he had you so close. I should like a photo.
What you spoke about in the letter won't affect mother's pension. Do you go in to Lipton for burial? We often wonder. There was a small piece of paper in the letter with numbers on it.  Was it the burial number?
Mother is about the same. Doctor told her if he could only put spare parts in it would be alright. She is weak. I am doing my best, you can't do any more.
We have had Les to see us. And his chum. They slept here one night Rene brought them down. I think they are stopping longer next time. What a fine chap he is. Lovely head of curly hair and white teeth. Frank was in bed with lumbago. He gets it bad sometimes.
Mother is happy now she has seen Les. She wishes she could see Grace and Ivy.
Before we heard from Aunt Alice about Uncle Alf, his photo dropped off the sideboard. Mother said, "he is dead". She told me a week before he was gone. She said she seen some man walk round her bed.
Its a wonder Jack or Uncle Tom didn't go over to see what the dog was howling about.  We got a stray one. We took him in at Portesham and had him about 11 years. He is a faithful thing. No one can coax him away.
I was looking at your photo today. How you have altered but its still Aunt Kate. I often think about how you used to come to Winterbourne and I used to plait your hair.
Mother has given Leslie Grandfather Goff's watch. He is a nice lad, quiet.
Hope this will find you better and getting over the shock. It upset mother at the time. She is weak in the legs. Doctor said she is very tough.

So now I will say goodbye from your loving niece,  Lottie.
Lottie and Frank Pitman

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