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Sunday, October 25, 2015

Not That I'm Complaining

But it rained again. Out of a clear blue sky last night, somehow it just rained early before sunrise thereby knocking on the head my great plans for finally getting to combine flax today.  I've been going to the field the past few days and hand threshing a sample to test the moisture. It takes a lot of time and work but better than a five mile drive with the combine to test it. Saturday afternoon's hand threshed test was 12.1% moisture which is about 2 percent above dry. I figured if the weather continued drying I'd just go ahead today and combine and hopefully fall somewhere in the 11 to 12 percent range. Safe enough if it is not too warm or left in the bin too long before it is sold.
Every passing day now is shorter with less drying time for the crop. Overnight frost melts in the morning sun adding a little more moisture so the mid day  sun has to work a little harder to dry the swaths. The bushes block the wind that would help dry the swaths.
On the positive side we did get the straw baled on the first flax field that I have combined.
So I sit and wait. Well not actually sitting for long as I have plenty of other jobs needing doing. Still on beaver patrol with no luck eliminating the pesky rodents. The municipality spent some of the tax payer's dollar clearing the dam on the creek through my land earlier this week but no beavers showed up to shoot, unfortunately. So I guess the dams will be back and I will be out there with the pick or grubhoe opening them.
Still got a few potatoes in the garden. More than I will ever need but I hate to see them freeze in the ground and go to waste so I dug another seven pails today.
I did get all the hay bales hauled home from the hundred acre woods this week.
Here is a picture of what I might look like if I was sitting back relaxing listening to my favourite CBC radio programs on a Sunday morning out in the workshop.


  1. You can always share those taters. Hope you can still get your threshing done.