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Thursday, November 12, 2015

It Ain't Over

...til its over. To quote the legendary baseball player, Yogi Berra . Although I think it might be over for me as far as harvest 2015 goes. Even though the sun shone well today it was not enough to melt the layer of snow we had last night. The next few days forecast to be warm and sunny will melt that snow and actually make the swaths wetter. Freeze drying overnight will help a little if we get enough days. It is unlikely there will be enough drying days though.
Here is some video of the harvest so far. Picking up wheat swath with the Case IH 1660 combine and flax swath with the John Deere 7721 on some of the few days when the weather and crop were both ready. Up til this year I could usually straight cut all the wheat and leave the flax stand til ready and then swath right ahead of the combine. This year the crops just did not ripen or dry off as normal. Climate change? Global cooling? Whatever, in hindsight I should have swathed everything at least a couple of weeks earlier than I did. The straight cut header never came out of the shed for the first time since I bought it.


  1. I hope you harvested enough to make ends meet. Farming isn't ever a get rich endeavor.

    1. I reckon I'll be alright Gorges, but thanks for asking.

  2. Ralph,
    We have had just about non-stop scattered showers or rain for the past month. My grain drill and tractor is setting in front of a gate to a field I will not be able to plant till spring. I actually miss farming at times. Although I am still trying to do farming things after work.
    And then again I really DON'T miss farming.
    There is a rumor that there will be an opening in Groundskeeping at my college this spring. I'd put in a good word for you. I suppose the commute would be hard. Although I'm sure the Mercury would make it with no problems...