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Friday, December 25, 2015


Good as always, spent with friends and family. The weather mostly co-operated although the temp dropped way down to a little below normal. -22F here tonight. We have been spoiled by above normal for the past few weeks so this is a sudden shock. No wind, lots of hoar frost for fantastic scenery. The huge full moon tonight that looked so impressive that I stopped in the -22F cold to take a photo on the way home. Unfortunately the old Canon failed miserably at capturing the image.
It did a lot better the day before in the brilliant sunlight and hoar frost when I shot a few around the old homestead.
Managed to get a shot of this coyote earlier that morning as I was feeding cattle. Obviously they never heard me coming or they'd have been gone. In the struggle to get the faulty zipper of my jacket undone and the camera out of my pocket I took a few pictures and video of the ground as well as this fair pic of one of the coyotes before it saw me.