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Monday, March 14, 2016

Its Been A Year

Since the 52 Mercury first started up after 30 some years of resting (rusting).
After sitting by the shop all winter , the  mild days of March, 2015 allowed me to do the necessary tasks involved in bringing an old engine back to life. I think there was more good luck than mechanical skills working for me when the old flathead finally fired up and ran.
Discovering the old Mercomatic transmission still worked (after adding much oil) was an added benefit and allowed me to drive it into indoor storage. Better late than never.
New front shocks helped hold it down on the road. New water pumps meant I didn't have to drain the coolant after every run to prevent losing all the anti freeze. A "new to me" driver seat to replace the raccoon ravaged original.
Hours of elbow grease and quantities of Turtle wax rubbing compound, steel wool all helped to bring the old original fanfare maroon paint up to a pretty good shine considering the 40 years of weathering. Good thing that patina is the latest trend in old original survivor cars like this one.
It has made a few miles up and down the driveway and the seldom traveled farm access road to get some exercise.
Looking through the pitted and cracked windshield under the big sunvisor, over the shiny chrome hood scoop, the rumble of the straight piped flathead, its like the 1960s all over again.

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  1. Don't stop Now, Ralph, there's more non-EMP proof vehicles to go! (And they just happen to be funky!)