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Monday, May 23, 2016

Lowering My Expectations

Been doing that all day. I'd originally figured to be satisfied finishing the 60 acre canola field today. But in the sunshine and optimism of the morning I started to think it should be possible to also finish the 40 acre wheat field if I worked late. A hundred acres in a day with 28 feet is not beyond possibility even for me on a good day. However, today was not a good day.
A series of holdups, complications and just the usual myriad of little things needing to be done made for a late start in the field.
And after running five minutes or so I was stuck in the mud. The only big pulling tractor I have was 9 miles away and I don't think the little old tractors would do much in that mud. Lucky I was able to unhitch the air seeder and get the tractor out, then using the nylon tow strap, carefully extricate the air seeder from the mud. Giving up a few more acres to high water levels this year I guess.
For some reason the seeder planted heavier than planned and I ran out of canola seed with maybe two acres left to go.
Change over to oats just to use up the leftover seed so I don't have to store it til next spring. Planted 14 acres of oats and that was done. Then change over to wheat with all the numerous adjustments and clean outs that entails. It was 8:00 and threatening rain but I figured a couple of hours might just see me finish the field. It was not to be. After 14 acres it was spitting rain so I decided to do a quick top up on the seed tank and then run the other tractor and hopper wagon back to the shed in case it rained harder (no tarp on this wagon). On checking the seed tank I was shocked to see it still almost full of wheat. Apparently some careless operator or gremlin had not got the drive chain on the sprocket. Looks like I will be going over that same ground again tomorrow, this time with the seed shaft turning out wheat hopefully.
Ok, I am done for the day and the field is not finished. If it rains, it rains.
On the positive side, I did not drive over my toolbox again and did not have any more flat tires or blown hydraulic hoses.
Years ago I would never have dreamed I could carry $600 worth of canola seed on my shoulder. Good old roundup ready canola.


  1. Sorry about your day. I remember those sort of days on the farm, or at the sawmill. We all have them, I guess, it was just your turn. lol

    1. Gorges, just have to remember that another day on the right side of the grass is still a good one.

    2. Gorges, just have to remember that another day on the right side of the grass is still a good one.