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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Business As Usual

Pretty busy considering its summer time. But a quick update. Finally got the baler fixed last week and finished baling. Now waiting for a break in the weather when it looks like I can get three days in a row without rain to cut and bale the rest of the hay.
Big hail some places again last night but only heavy rain here at the yard. Hopefully no hail on the good looking crops.
That spring harvested flax is gone as of last week. High dockage and low weight but thats what it was. Found a bin of old canola with a start of mold in it so I moved the whole thing to another bin. Its looking ok now and I've found a decent price (in this time of very low prices) so its going to be sold pretty quick. No comments on why I didn't sell it for an extra dollar a bushel last winter.
Got over all the summerfallow  in the past week too between rains. Surprisingly not as wet as previous years.
The garden is really starting to produce with great potatoes and the first picking of beans yesterday. There should be plenty to fill the freezer if I get time to pick them all.
Got a new shed to set down and level too. Long story but I couldn't refuse a free shed to store more junk in. Its not big but has a lot of character. Pictures to follow.
Of course I still work in time for the occasional evening drive in the Merc. Got to keep those valves exercised and working.

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