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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Diesel Leaks

Man, I reek of diesel fuel after working on the Massey. As good a tractor as it is, there is not much room to work on certain places. This has been a bad year for leaks on machinery and this one has bothered me since late winter. Thought I had it soldered up last spring but no, it was leaking diesel again. Tried the old stand by JBWeld but even that failed. So today I got a different piece of steel line and with a little custom bending I got it in place. Accompanied by the steady dripping of diesel fuel on my hands at 32 degrees (that is 0C for you metric converts) my fingers pretty much lost feeling by the time I was done. Hopefully when I check it tomorrow there will not be fuel dripping on the ground.

Sunshine on the weekend inspired me to try baling some of the flax straw I had combined. Even that was difficult. After many broken shear pins on the baler , crawling along in first gear, I think I had around 200 bales done by the time darkness took over. The final shear pin broke and that was the end of the day for me.
I'm getting a sore finger from the stubborn "r" key on this laptop. Sometimes it takes intense pressure to get the letter. I'm attempting to chose words that dont' contain many "r" s but that is not always possible. I've pried the r key off and cleaned out anything that looked like it should not be there. So far I have resisted the urge to take a ball pein hammer to the "r" key but for how much longer I can't say.
Today in history, I can remember only a little about where I was on that day when JFK was assassinated. This was an interesting interview with Abe Zapruder's grand daughter


  1. Liquid of ANY kind makes your hands cold in the winter. I always thought gasoline was one of the worst as it fumes off so quickly, sort of like alcohol.

  2. Tease! Where WERE you on that day?
    I don't remember it, being but a mere pup of three or so.

    1. I really don't remember much but likely just another "day at the office" for me. Grade 4 I think.