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Monday, January 16, 2017

Sunset Drive and More

Its way late to be posting videos but I lost a couple of hours due to a "crash dump" of the laptop and it took a bunch of system restore, spybot,crap cleaner, etc to get started again.

I wanted to post an example of my first attempt at the follow me feature of the drone. After figuring out what I had been doing wrong I find it works quite well now. Warmer weather helps too. Frozen fingers do not work well on the control panel. No crashes or actual frostbite yet. More to come.


  1. Too high tech for me, Ralph. I do well to turn on the porch light.

    1. It probably sounds more complicated than it was. I mostly just followed on screen instructions while the computer fixed itself.

  2. I really want a drone. It would be awesome for spotting crop issues and spying on people.