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Saturday, December 29, 2018

53 Gas Tank Removal

This might be my last youtube video for 2018. I had it in mind to do a year end review of sorts but so far it has not got past the idea stage. And time is running out. I took advantage of the relatively mild (+20F) temps to do a little work on the 53 Merc parts car. The gas tank has been badly dented on the bottom from I don't know what. Maybe a rock? Or somebody tried to move the car with a fork lift? Anyway, its off and I'll see if it is possible (or worth the trouble) to try and straighten. At least now I can get at the trunk floor to beat the dents out.

Winter continues to have below normal snow and mostly above normal temps which helps.

Cattle are having it easy, still able to forage a bit in the pasture and field although they get plenty to eat at the feeders. I've put out over 20 hay bales for them since starting feeding in November. The deer seem to like the oat bales judging by all the tracks around them. So I better start feeding the oat bales to the cows before the deer decide to eat them.