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Sunday, July 7, 2019

52 Years Ago

This old Atlas oil change sticker is still on the driver's door frame of the 52 Mercury, Maybe it is my imagination but I seem to remember putting it there in 1967, being a helpful kid while my dad changed motor oil in the Merc . Printed in pencil I think it says July 7 1967. Oil was BA 10w-30.
I doubt I could have looked 52 years into the future and seen myself driving that car today. But here I am.
In other news, typing has become difficult and annoying since I spilled  a cup o water on my keyboard. I bought this keyboard  a few years ago because my laptop had lost function of the "r" and "d" keys. Well now the replacement keyboard has lost function of the "a,f,j, as well as the comma and period keys. No doubt due to water spill. So I am constantly shifting back and forth between keyboards to type anything. Very frustrating as I am used to rattling away full speed with all fingers and thumbs on the keyboard Typing class was one of the few useful skills that I retained from high school days
I see  a new keyboard (or laptop) in my future.


  1. Don't you know that drinking and typing don't mix? - lol

    1. Its true but I've done it for years. Just a matter o time til it caught up with me .

  2. I learned my lesson on drinking while typing years back,,,probably really before computers.
    IBM Selectric?
    Oh, new laptop?
    Before you get wasted on any laptop using windows, the worst os there is, or apple using their own os that when it goes, your laptop goes with it.
    Check out a CHROMEBOOK!
    Have had my ACER 15" Chromebook since last September and I love it! Simplest ever to turn on and set up in 5 minutes or so...most of the time looking for my google email information.

    1. I've had no complaints using windows for almost 20 years. But the new chrome book does look interesting.

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